Reviewing GitLab Commit

IIt took a while since my last post, but there was so much to process! Having visited San Francisco after half a week of touristic sightseeing, the GitLab Commit buzz started to fizz at the speakers’ dinner.
The actual day started early with a walk down market street, passing the Twitter headquarters and Uber HQ on my left side conspicuously.

Being part of the Agile Transformation track, I stayed most of the day at presentations given by my fellow track mates. At the end of the day, when it was my turn, it all came nicely together, and I could connect all the stories of the day. During the day, I saw exciting takes on Digital Transformation.

During my days at GitLab Commit, I met interesting people! I discovered that there is definitely a demand for differentiated training options. Exactly what we want to offer. Not only for GitLab as a technical product! But also very much in embedding it into existing of future development processes.