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Jan 4, 2022 - 1 minute read

NiceDCV, whats that?

As of last year I have worked quite a bit with NICEDCV in my professional life.

NICE DCV is a 3D-capable Remote Graphics protocol server that provides a securely authenticated channel for users to setup and use a virtual desktop with 3D applications that can stay running even if no client is actually connected to it. Think of RDP (remote desktop graphics) that is standard with Microsoft Windows, but with better tunable performance because of a different way of handling things.

In a nutshell it is capable of really utilizing the graphics hardware remotely and send the data compressed to the client where it is unpacked again and presented on the viewer desktop. So it uses a ‘server’ part that is running on the remote workstation, and a ‘client’ part that the user runs on their personal desktop.

Since last year NICE also provides a session manager/broker and connection gateway specifically to be used in cloud environment, where scaling your installation up and down is of great importance. This is all about money. Imaging spinning up hundreds of desktops with unique hostnames and ip’s and users who need to connect to their authorized machine.

DCV car