Speaking at GitLab Commit!

One of my dreams has come true! I am going to San Francisco in California! And also for an excellent reason. I am allowed to deliver a talk at GitLab Commit in January 2020!

gitlab commit

The talk will be about the easy acceptance of GitLab in startup culture versus the more tough environment of the enterprise.

GitLab is very popular on the internet and has an excellent reputation amongst developers. The CI feature has been ranked as top of it’s class. A lot of GitLab installations are championed by developers and are adopted by IT departments. While is very easy to start coding in a small team and create products with all the integrated features of GitLab, it takes more effort to align each feature into an existing enterprise organization. Several questions come to mind when thinking of growing GitLab in an enterprise environment:

  • What are the hurdles for a developer or for a team to push GitLab company wide?

  • How does GitLab fit in the bigger picture of an enterprise organization?

  • Why is it so hard to scale in a heavily regulated environment?

Having worked at a small startup and adopting GitLab from 2014 onwards, I know how it fit’s naturally in the startup ecosystem. I have also witnessed the proces of scaling GitLab at big bank in the Netherlands and learned a big deal from it. When I wrote the book “Mastering GitLab 12’ I also scaled GitLab for different customers in a cloud setting.