So busy

As for everyone else, the last year derailed much of our plans. After GitLab Commit I planned to start a course company with a friend, but as the plan was largely based on an on-premise performance, we’ve put it on hold. Also my work for a big energy company took all of my remaining time as I started to work fulltime for them last year. Good news is that I have learned a great deal, everyone is healthy at home and my wife has an interesting new job! [Read More]

Joined Freedom Internet!

For years my internet provider was XS4ALL, which started in the ’90s from a small hacker group and was one of the first providers in the Netherlands. It has always been a provider with a strong ethical background. The Church of Scientology sued XS4all in the past for not wanting to take unwanted information about them offline, and the internet provider has often acted proactively due to privacy issues. In the early 2000s, KPN bought the company, but the brand and organization still survived, and they have kept it alive until last year. [Read More]