So here is the new year! I hope 2022 will bring us more stability, love and positive excitement!

happy newyear

Speaking at GitLab Commit!

One of my dreams has come true! I am going to San Francisco in California! And also for an excellent reason. I am allowed to deliver a talk at GitLab Commit in January 2020! The talk will be about the easy acceptance of GitLab in startup culture versus the more tough environment of the enterprise. GitLab is very popular on the internet and has an excellent reputation amongst developers. The CI feature has been ranked as top of it’s class. [Read More]

My book is published

After more than a year of hard work (besides the daily job), my book about GitLab has been published! Somewhere in the summer of 2018, a publisher approached me with the question, ‘Can you write a book about GitLab for us?’ At that time, we were migrating GitLab to a private cloud at the ING bank. I had a lot of inspiration for explaining how to scale GitLab in a corporate environment. [Read More]

A bit more personal

So, this is 2019. What is changing for me? Wel.. I am not going to spill al of my life over here, but I am planning to blog more. I totally agree with Jaron Lanier that the current social media are flawed. They are based on the ‘freemium’ model using adverts. He argues they are not ‘social’ anymore as we tend to see them but they have become ‘behavioral modification empires’. [Read More]

Using Gitlab Pages

Working professionally everyday with Gitlab has made me think twice of hosting my blog on an isolated Digital Ocean Droplet. Especially as we are promoting Devops and Continuous Delivery (for which I’ve been attending a training by Jez Humble last week!) So I’ve converted my blog to use Gitlab Pages. This means my entire blog resides in texfiles in Gitlab(.com) and whenever I push a new version of the code, the Gitlab runners build my blog using a Static Site Generator (Hexo). [Read More]

Sien is boos

Als je er op gaat letten, is het opvallend dat kinderboeken zo vol staan met stereotiepe rolpatronen. Stichting Zo-ook heeft hier onderzoek naar gedaan en wil kennis en bewustwording vergroten en ook het aanbod niet-stereotiepe kinderboeken vergroten. Daarom zijn zij pas geleden met een crowdfunding campagne gestart om het uitgeven van een boek met niet-stereotiepe rolpatronen mogelijk te maken. Zij willen hiermee laten zien dat het ook anders kan. Niet met het argument dat het ene rolpatroon goed is en het andere slecht, maar om ervoor zorgen dat kinderen meerdere rolpatronen zien, dat ze andere rolmodellen zien. [Read More]

Down and out in Katowice

{% codeblock [First code] [lang:bash] %} var express = require(‘express’, template = require(‘pug’)); var session = require(‘express-session’) var util = require(‘util’); var oauth = require(‘oauth’); {% endcodeblock %} So what is this? It is the first code I used for the backend part of our project at the ING Hackathon 2017 in Katowice, Poland. It was held at Walcownia Cynku,a former Zinc rolling Mill (big scary machines!). The logo I was part of a team of 6 people and we had a great time. [Read More]